What We’re Looking For

L’Exchange is for blog posts that:

  • Are created by people involved in the UBC Learning Exchange or similar learning opportunities offered in the Downtown Eastside
  • Relate to some form of learning (examples include: experiences with learning, techniques for learning, encouraging Downtown Eastside-based learning opportunities, sharing knowledge)
  • Showcase original creative work
  • Have a clear purpose or intention
  • Are constructive, celebratory, or invite dialogue
  • Promote free/low-cost learning opportunities related to the poster’s personal experience

The format of blog posts could include:

Writing, video, photos, audio, other forms of art, and more… we’re open to other ideas. Proper references need to be given if your post quotes or includes the work of others.

Respect and Privacy

  • Posts need to play nice
  • If a person’s real name or contact information is used in a post, or they are depicted in photo/video/audio, they must sign a consent form (provided by the Learning Exchange).
  • Generally the only contact information shared will be email addresses.
  • The Learning Exchange will not edit posts unless assistance is requested by the poster.

Getting Started

Email us or drop by in-person to share something you’ve created or talk about an idea you have for a post.