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Anyone Can Learn to Draw: Artist or Not!

Anyone Can Learn to Draw:  Artist or Not!

Check out these pictures drawn by people in the Portraits 101 workshop:


My workshop is based on a simple technique: how to translate the human face on to the paper using pencil.  By practicing the technique individuals can improve and develop their talents.  Previous workshops have been with a small group of participants, sharing their talents, experiences, artistic abilities in fun social exchanges.

I enjoyed and you will too!!!  Everyone is welcome –  the next one starts Wednesday Sept. 5th, 2012

By Peter Brusnican – Facilitator for Portraits 101  

Building a Web Page One Layer at a Time

Check out this YouTube video created by MackonLine.  It’s a creative little video about what he learned when updating the deLuxe Junk Co. website, something that was both fun and educational for him.

MackonLine is an IT Facilitator with the Learning Exchange’s Contributing Through Computers Program


The incessant rain
Indeed a blessing

I always tread lightly
Not to disturb the rivulets

I open wide my eyes
Beside the small side streams
A net of red leaves lays the quilt
On it were strewn askew
Yellow or light green or dark brown or azure or slightly purple
Leaves of every shape and tongue

How awesomely lovely is this sight?

Assumpta Grace