Memoirs of a Thanksgiving Superstar


I’m in a bath. It’s a little too hot for me.
I’ll be patient for another special night.

I was in a spa this morning.
I saw somebody having oil treatment next to me.
Her skin looked so smooth like a new born baby.
I couldn’t wait to have oil on me.
I wish I had silence during my massage.
I heard someone say I look yummy.

After that, I was in a tanning studio.
I thought it was too hot, and I was there too long.
Somebody rescued me to the stove top, and put a gorgeous shiny blanket on me.
I felt a little stuffed, but it was a nice time. No one paid any attention to me.

Look at me!!
My goose bumped skin became shiny, crispy, and beautifully tanned.
I felt like a celebrity with everyone watching and talking about me.
I was proud of myself.

I’m in salty water with a garnished bouquet, and it’s a little too hot for me.
I hope my bones will be shiny and beautiful again.
It’s now very quiet around me.

Hey, I’m still here!
I’ll be shined again.

Ako is a member of the ESL Conversation Program Creative Writing Group

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