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Want to Play Guitar?

By Wayne Parenteau

There are easy to learn steps for beginners to be able to play simple songs using a three to four chord structure technique. These are suitable for anyone who’s interested in learning guitar at the beginning stages.  By learning these techniques you can learn to play your favourite songs.  It won’t make you a rock star right away, but it’s a good place to start.  The more you put into it the better you’ll feel about your playing.

Check out these four chords, they are used alot in Country and easy Rock songs like the Beatles and Rolling Stones.

What’s Important?

Strumming the guitar correctly

Reading cord charts

Practice practise practise – practise makes perfect.


If you want to learn more about basic guitar playing you can find me at the Learning Exchange where I do lessons on Tuesdays and Thursdays 1 – 5 PM.  The Learning Exchange is at 612 Main Street, near Keefer Street.


Memoirs of a Thanksgiving Superstar


I’m in a bath. It’s a little too hot for me.
I’ll be patient for another special night.

I was in a spa this morning.
I saw somebody having oil treatment next to me.
Her skin looked so smooth like a new born baby.
I couldn’t wait to have oil on me.
I wish I had silence during my massage.
I heard someone say I look yummy.

After that, I was in a tanning studio.
I thought it was too hot, and I was there too long.
Somebody rescued me to the stove top, and put a gorgeous shiny blanket on me.
I felt a little stuffed, but it was a nice time. No one paid any attention to me.

Look at me!!
My goose bumped skin became shiny, crispy, and beautifully tanned.
I felt like a celebrity with everyone watching and talking about me.
I was proud of myself.

I’m in salty water with a garnished bouquet, and it’s a little too hot for me.
I hope my bones will be shiny and beautiful again.
It’s now very quiet around me.

Hey, I’m still here!
I’ll be shined again.

Ako is a member of the ESL Conversation Program Creative Writing Group