by Soudy

Indigence and poverty, famine and drought, starvation and dryness help each other and ruin a land and its nations.

In this famished land that has fallen in to oblivion, there is no amorous look from the sky. Even so the cloud looks at them cold and lifeless as a marble. The sun burns the skin of the ground of land. The earth feels the sun’s searing hand on its head. It is panting with parched lips.

In this scorched land, the withered bushes, the barren desert and the drought like fruits are showing off. This unkind treat is beyond the earth’s power. When the tears ran down from field keeper’s eyes the thirsty land absorbs the tears immediately.

The clean hearted and pure natured people open a door towards an illusion. They array themselves in the colourful clothes with an attractive sight, to pray for the down pour of blessings, while their eyes inflamed with tears. Their endurance is admirable.

The kids show great patience for demanding the justice of nature. The afflicted kids with tearful eyes recite a song because of the land’s strong craving for the water. Perhaps, the sky hears their voice and sincere wishes, and grants their request, and then their hope will be fulfilled.

They want to feel the drizzle, the fresh and green air, they want to enjoy fruition. They need to refresh themselves by drinking and overcome the dryness.
They deliver a message for the sky, please: fill the dried up river, revive the desiccated leaves on the trees, and let the ground drink in fullness.

But there is no benevolence from the sky; the sky gives its blue color to the children’s chalk board, not water to the land……….

Soudy is a member of the ESL creative writing group.


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